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Wilson Kirk

Sunshine Coast • 25

"It’s not the coolest of jobs but it’s all right, its good”

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Article1 - Wilson, Age 25 QLD

Cool, all right umm well where do I start, my name is Wilson, originally from Fremantle in WA I think. Yeah I was born in Fremantle; our family spent my younger years there. Wait, no, so I was born in Fremantle then moved up to Karatha until I was 6 then came back to Fremantle until I was 11 years old.
Then I’m not a hundred percent why, but mum and dad decided they wanted change so we packed all our things and hit the road. I have an older sister and at that time she was studying to become a teacher and decided to defer from university and come along. Which worked out good for me, she would organize all my schoolwork and we would knock a weeks worth of schoolwork in like 4 hours of driving. So whenever we got anywhere it meant I was free to do whatever I want, which was usually fishing with dad and trying to make friends with the other kids at the caravan parks (laughs). Then Eventually we got to Coolum and my family loved it and we decided to set up camp there. That’s where I got into surfing, skating, and golf and did a whole lot of fishing. I have a sick bunch of mates and its been a great place to grow up.

Where was your favourite place you can remember stopping at?

Umm, hands down the Kimberley’s up north of Western Australia. That place is amazing man, the weather is so raw and the land untouched, loved it. I really want to get back there now.

You came to Geraldton, why?

I wasn’t doing much in Coolum, career wise so I got shipped off to Geraldton to do a plumber apprenticeship with my uncles plumbing company, I actually won a state competition for being a good tradie! (laughs) It’s not the coolest of jobs but it’s all right, its good. So yeah just been living here making do, the surf gets good every now and then, I just cruise and do my thing, skate a little. During winter it’s a pretty nice town to live in but come summer it gets hard with the wind and shit.

Any other interests outside of surfing?

Some other interests I have outside of surfing are history, love history. I got this sick book at the moment its about where we all came from in South Africa and it states that we made our way up to the middle east and at this stage we weren’t even homo sapiens we were homo erectus i think. So yeah we made our way up from the Middle East then ventured out into the rest of the world. So yeah just been reading this book and it goes through all the wars and the medieval times. I love looking back at how everything changes and we evolve as people and to think that our society we live in now will be forgotten, well maybe not forgotten but we are just another little chapter to the world. And I love how some people get remembered throughout the years, like Achilles and I think for our time the guy who jumped from out of space will be amongst them, because that was insane.



Future goals

I’m not really sure what I want for my future, at this time I want to do a lot of travelling. I want to buy a farm, live on a farm, grow all my own vegies and have a sick peaceful life. Nothing too major, keep it simple and easy. Have my 10 kids and run amuck. Not really sure what I want to do work wise. Wouldn’t mind going fishing I suppose or while this boom is going, make some money on the mines with my trade before I do start a family. At the moment I’m still doing my apprenticeship and the thought of getting that done gets me through the day and thoughts of travelling like getting to South America and other wicked destinations to explore and relax. You know those corona ads? From where you’d rather be? I just think of that (laughs) that makes me pretty happy. I should actually just get a photo of that and take it with me everywhere.

Where do you think people are heading?

Hmm I think religion is going to be phased out, I don’t know if it will be in our time but I think it will become a thing of the past and become more like cults and if people want it they can have it. But it won’t be very recognized and will get pushed out of society. I don’t know that might not happen but it doesn’t really bother me. I don’t like religion personally; they have good morals for the most of it. I think Buddhism and Hindu are more onto it and seem very peaceful and their thoughts on karma I really agree with but I’m more into evolution myself and Charles Darwin and the guys that discovered the Galapagos islands and how things adapt to surroundings but yeah like I said it doesn’t really bother me to much. But it kind of bothers me how people blow themselves up for religion, that’s a bit full on, suicide bombers are a bit nuts. Maybe it’s through some sort of depression? I don’t really know. I’ve come from a really happy family and circle of friends so I cant really relate to that type of mentality.

What have been some of your happier times?

Some of my happier times now that I’m in Geraldton are when I get to go home to the sunshine coast, Coolum and spend time with my mates and I love when I stop doing things and just relax and that’s usually what I get to do when I go home, no working, just surfing golfing and drinking beer and having good times. Its good I love it. Sitting around the pool at home and having people come around; mum and dad did an amazing job putting the pool in and making it nice. So we get to have some hell little shin digs. I got some pretty funny photos of it actually but the best times are usually when the mates have knocked off work early on a Friday usually around 10am and we’ll just hang there watching people come and go and the empty beers growing and before you know it its Monday again (laughs) but yeah I’m usually pretty happy, just trying to keep it simple and not getting hung up in anything pretty much. I love girls but relationships are hard although I have never really had a relationship, like a strong one. Girls are cool; it’s good if you can find one who likes what you like. There are heaps of girls around its just hard trying to find the right one. You need them. I’ll be happy falling in love, it would be cool to have a wife with a different background I reckon a Puerto Rican, like if I was travelling over seas and I fell in love with someone like that, then you would have two families in different parts of the world and mixing the two cultures.

Anything you want to tick off your list?

Yeah! I really want to go to Machu Picchu, I love the history behind it and it looks like an amazing place. I’m not sure about the spiritual side behind, but I love that it’s been there for so long. For me travelling is the biggest thing to tick off and especially to travel places with huge ancient historical significances! Also to find a right hand version of the surf spot skeleton bay! I read an article with pro surfer Craig Anderson who talks about this skeleton bay session, which sounds amazing; he talks about getting tubed for 40 seconds and how no wave compares.

What’s with your tatt?

Ohh the tatt! Tails up, well last mission home the boys and I had gotten right into a new fishing show called wicked tuna and I think they’re these fisherman north of New York and they fish from the oldest port in America and there’s five different tuna fishing teams and they go out and catch these huge blue fin tunas that can sell from anything between 5-15 thousand dollars and weigh between 500 – 1000 pounds just these monster blue fins. The teams are only allowed to catch them in a period of 10 weeks every year and they have the flashiest boats. Anyway there was this one team that we really liked called hard merchandise, Dave the skipper of the boat was on there with his nephew and he was a really talented fisherman and you’d have to be pretty strong, it looked so tiring reeling in these massive fish or tuna fish as they call it (laughs) and every time they would nail one they’d throw up the ole shacka hang loose Hawaiian hand sign and yell tails up, because when they caught the tuna fish they would wrap a noose around the tail and drag it up with the tail up, hence tails up. So from there when ever we caught a fish we’d all yell “Tails up” and it sorted of stuck “tails up” “tails up” then we all thought ahh bugger it lets all get it slapped on ourselves and one of my mates Jimmy got my initials in the middle of his shacka. So yeah that’s the story. Although now I want to keep adding to it, I want to get a light house and an octopus around it then maybe a random big ship. Thinking of getting a replica of William Dampier’s ship who’s book I am reading at the moment and who is also responsible for a thousand words in the oxford dictionary. Weird words. The book is called an exquisite mind of a pirate. He was a pirate who ended up being the first person to make contact with the aboriginals well before captain Cook.


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